Datasensor (Datalogic)
Datalogic is a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and process automation markets, specialized in the designing and production of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, vision and laser marking systems.

Datasensor has coined the phrase "value through detection" and this ethos is adhered to throughout their product range.
Datasensor specialise in all things related to sensors, including photoelectric sensors, retroflex, suppression, inductive and vision sensors.

Datasensor is famous for their "Datalogic Automation range" of photoelectric sensors for detection and measurement. The Datasensor proximity sensors in particular, have the following characteristics: Very high operating rates, High approach speeds, excellent resistance to harsh industrial environments, severe shock and vibration resistance, Non-contact detection requirements

Datasensor has a strong hold in the "identification" field, in particular scanners, barcode readers and scanners for industrial automation applications. European Electronics stock and supplies Datasensor products.

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# Part Number Description  
#1 952201400 SDS5-5-M10-75 View
#2 952021430 S50-ML-2-G00-XG emitter cable axial View
#3 95B010550 S3Z-PH-5-FG01-NN RX/TX LASER NPN M8 View
#4 J950139995 S2-1-G50 EMITTER 15-264VAC/VDC View
#5 95A251470 CS-B2-02-G-07 4 poles M8 90° 7m gray View
#6 95B066880 IS-08-G2-S1 Ø8 FLUSH SHORT 2X PNP NC M8 View
#7 95B063661 IS-30-G4-03 Ø30 FLUSH SHORT 2X NPN NC 2MT View
#8 957801470 SG2-50-045-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded View
#9 957851040 SG4-S2-050-PP-E H=500 LINEAR EDM View
#10 951501010 S80-MH-5-Y09-NNIZ DISTANCE 4-20mA RS485 View
#11 952201410 SDS5-5-M10-95 View
#12 952021470 S50-ML-5-G00-XG emitter M12 axial View
#13 950801240 S8-PR-5-C01-PP LED PROX 45CM PNP M8 View
#14 J950200004 S2-5-F50 RECEIVER 10-30VDC View
#15 95A251530 CS-B2-02-G-10 4 poles M8 90° 10m gray View
#16 95B066910 IS-08-H3-S1 Ø8 NON FLUSH SHORT 2X NPN NO M8 View
#17 95B063681 IS-30-G1-03 Ø30 FLUSH SHORT 2X PNP NO 2MT View
#18 957801480 SG2-50-060-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded View
#19 957851050 SG4-S3-080-PP-E H=800 LINEAR EDM View
#20 951501020 S80-MH-5-Y19-PPIZ LONG RANGE DIST.SENSOR View
#21 952201420 SDS5-5-M10-77 View
#22 952022060 S50-MH-2-G00-XG emitter cable radial View
#23 950801260 S8-PR-5-C01-NN LED PROX 45CM NPN M8 View
#24 J950205004 S2-5-F50T RECEIVER 10-30VDC TIMER View
#25 95A251630 CS-B2-02-R-02 4 poles M8 90° 2m PUR View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 2,373
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