Founded in 1963, headquartered in Owen/Teck in Southern Germany. Today there are more than 1200 Sensor People around the world who are working with determination and passion for progress and transformation to make their customers successful in a constantly changing industry. Regardless of whether in the technological competence centres or in one of the 21 sales companies, supported by more than 40 international distributors.

Leuze pride them on being the supplier of choice for sensors around the globe. The Leuze product range covers items such as Switching Sensors, Measuring Sensors, Data Transmission Components and Identification Systems.

European Electronics stocks and supplies Leuze Products, Top quality with Warranty and fast delivery. Which are used in applications such as Conveyor and Storage Systems, the Automotive Industry and Handling and Assembly Technology?
German basketball team, the Kirchheim Knights are sponsored by Leuze Electronic.

With curiosity and determination, the Sensor People of Leuze have been driving innovation and technological milestones in industrial automation for more than 50 years. They are driven by the success of their customers. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

The technology leader’s high-tech product range includes a number of different sensors for the field of automation technology. Among these are switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, and data transmission and image processing solutions. As a Safety Expert, Leuze is also focused on components, services and solutions for safety at work. Leuze concentrates on its core industries, in which the Sensor People have extensive, specific application know-how and many years of experience. These include intralogistics and the packaging industry, machine tools, the automotive industry as well as laboratory automation.

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# Part Number Description  
#1 AC-LDH-12GF (426046) LAS Accessories View
#2 BT D21M (50117257) LOS Mounting Systems View
#3 AC-PS-MB-SD-1 (429042) LAS Accessories View
#4 AC-PS-MB-C-CP-2 (429045) LAS Accessories View
#5 AC-PS-MB-C-CP-1 (429044) LAS Accessories View
#6 AC-PDA1/A (580004) LAS Accessories View
#7 AC-MSI-USB (547822) LAS Accessories View
#8 AC-MSI-TCS (547821) LAS Accessories View
#9 AC-MSI-TC (547823) LAS Accessories View
#10 AC-MSI-CFG1 (547820) LAS Accessories View
#11 AC-MK1 (520071) LAS Accessories View
#12 AC-M12-15M (580005) LAS Accessories View
#13 AC-LDH-12WF (426045) LAS Accessories View
#14 AC-ABF-SL1 (426363) LAS Accessories View
#15 AC-CPB-RES (426389) LAS Accessories View
#16 AC-CPB-OPT (426388) LAS Accessories View
#17 AC-CPB-IND (426387) LAS Accessories View
#18 PS-SD-1800 (346818) LAS Accessories View
#19 PS-C-CP-1800 (346518) LAS Accessories View
#20 CP-UDC/DC (346172) LAS Accessories View
#21 AC-TR20/40 (349939) LAS Accessories View
#22 AC-TR14/30 (349945) LAS Accessories View
#23 AC-TRSet3 (430432) LAS Accessories View
#24 AC-TRSet2 (430430) LAS Accessories View
#25 AC-TRSet1 (430428) LAS Accessories View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 6,968
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