Pilz is a German automation technology company in Ostfildern, Germany. In addition to the head office in Germany, Pilz is represented in 42 subsidiaries and branches on all continents.

For over 70 years Pilz has been inspiring its customers with innovative products and solutions: initially with glass laboratory equipment, then electronic timers and later relays and programmable control systems. At each point in time Pilz has adapted to the current needs of the market and changed significantly with its technological milestones.

Pilz became technology leader with the world’s first and most widely used emergency stop relay “PNOZ”. It is the epitome of a safety relay and has shaped the history of automation technology. A vast range of experiences from the most varied safety-related applications and the development of one of the first programmable logic controllers (PLC) were the basis for developing the first programmable safety controller. European Electronics stocks and supplies Pilz Products, top Quality with Warranty and fast Delivery.

Product range: Sensor technology, Relays, Automation system PSS 4000, Small controllers PNOZmulti, Industrie 4.0, Modular safety gate system, Controllers, Industrial security, Drive technology, Robotics, Networks, Operation and monitoring, Software.

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# Part Number Description  
#2 S1PN 550-690VAC 2C/O PILZ 890220 S1PN 550-690VAC 2C/O View
#3 GP570-LG21-24VP 104 inch Operator Interface View
#4 PNOZ787302 PNOZ X28P C 24-240VAC/DC 3N/O 1N/C View
#5 PU3Z775505 PU3Z Safety Equipment Relay View
#6 PNOZ1/475650 Safety Equipment RELAY 230VAC 3NO/1NC View
#7 PNOZ777750 PNOZ X1011P View
#8 PNOZX3P/777313 Safety Equipment RLY24-240AC/DC 3NO/1NC View
#9 PNOZ2/475730 Safety Equipment RELAY 110VAC 3NO/1NC View
#10 PDWZ407799 PDWZ Safety Equipment Relay View
#11 PNOZ777770 PNOZ X8P 230VAC 3N/O 2N/C 2SO View
#12 PNOZ774325 PNOZ Safety Equipment Relay View
#13 PAD/SI774403 PAD Safety Equipment Relay View
#14 P10 DI Digital Input card View
#15 PNOZ777520 PNOZ XV31P 30/24VDC 3N/O 1N/C 2N/O T View
#16 PIC4014CV7M Monfor-Matic-Plus Operator Interface View
#17 PXT 305 IBS remote operators terminal View
#18 PX50-L1 Display Unit View
#19 PITOP 15 Pilz Pitop 15 Industrial Computer View
#20 PSS D120 Pilz 32 Channel Input/ Output Safety System Module View
#21 P10 DO Digital Output card View
#22 PSS DO S Pilz 32 Channel Output Safety System Module View
#23 P10 AIO analogue I/O card View
#24 PSS3074 Pilz Programmable Safety Control Unit View
#25 PSS DI Pilz 32 Channel Input Safety System Module View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 6,649
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