ABB, formed in 1988 through the merger of Sweden's Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget (Asea) and Switzerland's Brown, Boveri & Cie, later simplified to Asea Brown Boveri and eventually ABB, has its roots traced back to the late 1800s. Both entities evolved into significant electrical equipment manufacturers, a legacy that ABB proudly upholds in its current operations.

Renowned for its excellence in automation electronics, particularly in power products crucial for electricity transmission and distribution, ABB provides a comprehensive range of discrete automation products, motion technology, and low-voltage solutions. European Electronics proudly maintains stocks of ABB products, ensuring swift and efficient delivery.

As a technology leader in electrification and automation, ABB plays a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company seamlessly integrates engineering expertise with cutting-edge software to optimize manufacturing processes, transportation, power systems, and overall operations. With a history spanning over 140 years, ABB's 105,000 employees are dedicated to propelling innovations that drive industrial transformation.

ABB Products;
Analytical measurement, Arc fault protection, Cable distribution cabinets, Capacitors and filters, Circuit breakers, Communication networks, Compact secondary substations (CSS), Connection devices, Contactors, Control panels, Control room solutions, Control systems (distributed), Diodes (power), Disconnectors, Distribution automation, Distribution transformers, Drives, Dry-type transformers, Electromechanical relays, Enclosed switches, Energy storage modules, Software, Feeder protection and control, Fieldbus, Flexible AC transmission systems, Flow measurement. Fuses, Gas insulated switchgear, Grid automation, HVDC, I-bus KNX, IGBT and diode modules, Industrial Robots, Instrument transformers, Level measurement, Measurement and analytics, Mechanical power transmission, Medium voltage products, Metallurgy products, Microgrid solutions, Modular DIN-rail products, Modular medium and low voltage systems, Motor protection and control, Motors, Network management, Operations Management Software, Power converters and inverters, Power supplies, Power transformers, Pressure measurement, Process recorders, PLC Automation, Programmable Logic Controllers PLCs, RobotStudio software, SACE Emax 2, SACE Tmax T, Safety systems, Semiconductors, Sensors, inverters, Soft starters, Software tools, Synchronous motors, Temperature measurement, Thyristors, Traction motors and generators, Transformers, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), Voltage indicator (presence indicator, medium voltage).

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# Part Number Description  
#1 1SDA038324R0001 MOTOR OPERATOR 220/250V View
#2 EV1121 L,M,K,IS2,AM2-N�2 busbars 50x5 mm dril... View
#3 1SDA062027R0001 X1B 630 PR332/P LSI In=630A 4p W MP View
#5 1SDA038362R0001 Sliding contact for FP ACB E1/6 View
#6 1SDA038361R0001 5 AUX.CONTACTS ISOL-CONN. IND.E1/6 View
#8 1SDA038326R0001 4 OPEN/CLOSED AUX.CONTACTS E1/6 View
#9 1SDA038310R0001 UNDER VOLTAGE RELEASE 110/120V E1 View
#10 1SDA038309R0001 UNDER VOLTAGE RELEASE 60V View
#11 1SDA038307R0001 UNDER VOLTAGE RELEASE 30V View
#13 1SDA038344R0001 IP54 PROTECTION E1/6 View
#14 1SDA038063R0001 KIT 1/2 3p F HR>F F E2 View
#15 1SDA038323R0001 MOTOR OPERATOR 100/130V View
#16 1SDA038293R0001 SHUNT OPEN.RELEASE 240/250V View
#17 1SDA038291R0001 SHUNT OPEN.RELEASE 120/127V View
#18 1SDA038064R0001 KIT 1/2 3p F HR>F F E3 View
#19 1SDA038360R0001 10 AUX.CONTACTS ISOL.-CONN.IND.3p E View
#20 1SDA038345R0001 MECC.OPERATION COUNTER E1/6 View
#22 1SDA038306R0001 UNDER VOLTAGE RELEASE 24V DC E1/6 View
#23 1SDA038292R0001 SHUNT OPEN.RELEASE 220/240V View
#24 1SDA037394R0001 TOR CL 60 mm View
#25 1SDA038066R0001 KIT 1/2 3p F HR>F F E5 View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 65,535
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