Topworx Switchbox is a globally renowned manufacturer recognized for its pioneering advancements in Valves Controllers and Position Sensors, specifically designed for the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Power Industries. With a focus on innovation and development, Topworx leads the industry with its cutting-edge solutions, offering a wide range of high-performance valve position monitors tailored to meet diverse specifications and designs.

The robust design of Topworx products ensures their suitability for use in hazardous locations worldwide, providing reliability, flexibility, and standardization to major global companies sourcing equipment. Leveraging predictive maintenance capabilities, Topworx empowers plant, platform, and pipeline operations to be managed intelligently and efficiently, even in demanding and extreme conditions.

Topworx's commitment to innovation extends to wireless technologies, including DeviceNet, As-Interface, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, and HART, enabling seamless integration and enhanced control across various industrial applications. European Electronics proudly stocks and supplies TopWorx Products, guaranteeing top quality, backed by warranty, and ensuring swift delivery.

The Topworx switchbox range encompasses the D-Series DXP, DXR & DXS series valve controllers, each tailored to meet specific requirements. Offering protection from Zone 0 (Intrinsically Safe) to Zone 2 (Hazardous Areas) and operating within temperatures ranging from -50°C to 204°C, these switchboxes are available in three different materials—composite resin, aluminum, and 316L stainless steel—to accommodate diverse application needs.

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# Part Number Description  
#1 #4-A14001-S27 Anchor darling 20-24" check valve View
#2 75-13566-F4 SPDT, 316 SST, CSA, 144" HI-TEMP LEADS View
#3 #4-A21310-S22 Automax R205-208 and R310 R310, 312, 314 & 316 View
#4 #4-A21285-S24 Automax N250 View
#5 #4-A21170-S24 Automax supernova N150, N175, S150, & S175 View
#6 #4-A21150-S24 Automax supernova N115 & N125, S115, S125 View
#7 #4-A21140-S24 Rack & pinion rotary ACt. N100 & S100 View
#8 #4-A21130-S24N Automax N85 & S85 rack & pinion rot ACt namur View
#9 #4-A21130-S24 Automax N85 & S85 rack & pinion rotary ACtuator View
#10 #4-A21090-S24 Automax A32 for switchpak View
#11 #4-A20020-S27 Autoclave 9/16" air oper 70 series vip kit View
#12 #4-A16131-S27 Apollo 4" manual ibv-125 ball valve View
#13 #4-A16130-S27 Apollo 3" manual ibv-125 ball valve View
#14 11-11210-00 Topworx leverless limit switch View
#15 LPS-DZ1NA2 Go switch - hermetically sealed contacts View
#16 11-61523-A4 Proximity switch View
#17 75-13524-F3 Proximity sensor View
#18 11-11110-00 Proximity limit switch go switch View
#19 8120516A2 Topworx leverless limit switch View
#20 7X-145311238 Topworx leverless limit switch View
#21 7X-145311237 Topworx leverless limit switch View
#22 7G-25541-A2 Proximity sensor View
#23 75-13528-3DD Proximity switch View
#24 75-13526-A1 Proximity sensor View
#25 75-13521-DD Proximity sensor View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 7,256
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