Asco Numatics

Asco Numatics

Asco Founded in 1888, ASCO began its journey as a manufacturer specializing in elevator, compressor, and generator controls. It was in 1910 that ASCO revolutionized the industry by inventing the solenoid valve, marking a significant milestone in electrically operated control devices.
With over a century of rich heritage, ASCO, now a part of Emerson Industrial Automation, remains at the forefront as a leader in electrically operated control devices.

During the 1950s, ASCO experienced exponential growth, prompting the expansion of manufacturing and product assembly overseas. Today, ASCO valves are available in forty-two countries worldwide. Further advancements in product development during the 1970s met the growing demand, introducing manual reset valves, air-operated valves, pressure switches, temperature switches, and other essential applications.

In 1985, ASCO became a part of Emerson, a significant development in its journey. ASCO's clientele spans major global industries, including medical, automotive, chemical, and food and beverage sectors. Their dedicated team of engineers and product managers specializes in selecting the ideal ASCO valve for any application challenge, ranging from anti-water hammer valves to reverse jet valves for dust filtration systems. European Electronics proudly stocks and supplies ASCO Products, guaranteeing top quality, backed by warranty, and ensuring swift delivery.

Throughout the years, ASCO has earned a reputation for manufacturing industry-leading, reliable solenoid valves, synonymous with durability and dependability.
ASCO product range includes:
• Solenoid Valves and Process Controls
• Joucomatic Numatics Pneumatics
• Numatics Pneumatics
• Joucomatic Numatics Air Service
• Joucomatic Numatics Accessories
• Numatics Air Service
• Aseptic Valves

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#1 02DBW4Z3MK00061 Asco Numatics View
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#4 031PP415O000000 Asco Numatics View
#5 031PP400O071Z00 Asco Numatics View
#6 031PP400O012A00 Asco Numatics View
#7 031PP400O000000 Asco Numatics View
#8 031BB500MP00061 Asco Numatics View
#9 031AS4004012B61 Asco Numatics View
#10 031AS4004000061 Asco Numatics View
#11 03100P15O000000 Asco Numatics View
#12 030SA4414000061 Asco Numatics View
#13 02DBW4Z3MK14A61 Asco Numatics View
#14 0055A102L0T00F1 Asco Numatics View
#15 0256C157S09CKF1 Asco Numatics View
#16 0256C141S0V00FQ Asco Numatics View
#17 0256C140S0V00F1 Asco Numatics View
#18 020BW400MP00061 Asco Numatics View
#19 020BB400MP00061 Asco Numatics View
#20 01MA3-1 Asco Numatics View
#21 0068A236L0E00F1 Asco Numatics View
#22 0055A303L0T00F1 Asco Numatics View
#23 0055A302L0T00F3 Asco Numatics View
#24 0055A202L0T00F3 Asco Numatics View
#25 0055A201L0T00F1 Asco Numatics View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 14,713
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