Founded in 1865, Elster Kromschroeder stands as a pioneering force in the development of products tailored for industrial heat treatment processes. Their offerings seamlessly integrate energy efficiency, unparalleled safety, availability, and an optimal price/performance ratio, resulting in bespoke solutions for diverse industries.

Specializing in cutting-edge products and system solutions dedicated to safeguarding, measuring, and controlling gases, Elster Kromschoeder's extensive product range encompasses domestic and commercial gas meters, safety valves, and control components designed for heating equipment and industrial applications. With a global sales and service organization, they guarantee top-notch services worldwide.

Within the Kromschroder portfolio, they cater to a diverse clientele with gas meters customized for domestic households and commercial premises, safety valves, and controller components for heating systems. Additionally, they provide sophisticated systems for measuring and controlling industrial heating processes. European Electronics proudly stocks and supplies Kromschroder Products, guaranteeing top- quality, backed by warranty, and ensuring swift delivery.

As a proud member of the Honeywell family, Kromschroeder benefits from being part of a group with extensive expertise in all aspects of gas distribution and utilization. The synergy with Honeywell enhances their capabilities and reinforces their commitment to excellence.

Explore the wide array of Honeywell Kromschroeder products, including:
• Manual valves and filters
• Pressure regulators
• Valves and butterfly valves
• Pressure switches
• Combination controls and Moduline
• Electronic flame detection and control
• Pilot burners and burners
• Further ignition and control devices
• Thermo-electrical safety devices
• Accessories
• Measuring and testing instruments

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# Part Number Description  
#1 VK 40F10T5A93DS2 Kromschroder View
#2 VCS 8T100A05NNKSLB/PPPP/PPPP Kromschroder View
#3 VK 40F40MA93DS Kromschroder View
#4 VK 40F40MA93DV Kromschroder View
#5 VK 40F40MA93D Kromschroder View
#6 VK 40F40MA6L3D Kromschroder View
#7 VK 40F10ZT5A93DS Kromschroder View
#8 VK 40F10W6XA43D Kromschroder View
#9 VK 40F10W6A93DS Kromschroder View
#10 VK 40F10W6A93D Kromschroder View
#11 VK 40F10W5XA43DV Kromschroder View
#12 VK 40F10W5XA43D Kromschroder View
#13 VK 40F10T5/KA93DS Kromschroder View
#14 VK 40F10MA6L3DS Kromschroder View
#15 VK 40F10T5A93DSFZ Kromschroder View
#16 VK 40F10T5A93DS Kromschroder View
#17 VK 40F10T5A93DV Kromschroder View
#18 VK 40F10T5A93D Kromschroder View
#19 VK 40F10T5A6L3DS2 Kromschroder View
#20 VK 40F10T5A6L3DSV Kromschroder View
#21 VK 40F10T5A6L3DSF Kromschroder View
#22 VK 40F10T5A6L3DS Kromschroder View
#23 VK 40F10T5A6L3D Kromschroder View
#24 VK 40F10MXA43D Kromschroder View
#25 VK 40F10MA93DS Kromschroder View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 4,749
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