Danfoss is a global producer of products and services used in areas such as cooling food, controlling electric motors, compressors,, drives and powering mobile machinery. Danfoss is also active in solar and wind power as well as district heating.

Danfoss has coined the phrase "engineering tomorrow" and have an active role in a very broad range of areas. Danfoss products have roles and influence in infrastructure, food, energy and climate are the focus. Danfoss products are, in particular used extensively within wind and solar technology fields. A large volume of their products focus upon refrigeration and air conditioning.

For example, the Flexlineâ platform is synonymous with flexibility within industrial refrigeration. Based on a modular design concept, you will experience that each product features a variety of benefits, including easy selection, installation and maintenance. As there is no functionality in the housing, you change the function of a valve by a simple swapping of the insert.

Danfoss are well known for their Invertors and are one of the longest established manufacturers of Inverter and control equipment. Danfoss inverters range has several models each with their own unique features to satisfy the majority of applications.

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# Part Number Description  
#1 004B2010 XB70M-1-180_2_25/16_A_1F65_1F100 View
#2 175U0321 MCC103A174KT5L0420E00BB View
#3 SY380A4CBI SY380-4CB-SINGLE View
#4 SY380A4CAI SY380-4CA-SINGLE View
#5 120H1372 DSH295-4-AX-SINGLE View
#6 120H1370 DSH295-4AP-SINGLE View
#7 120H1125 DSH295-4AB-SINGLE View
#9 004B2009 XB70M-1-160_2_25/16_A_1F65_1F100 View
#10 004B2480 XB70L-1-160_2_25/16_A_1F65_1F100 View
#11 120H0255 SH380-4AB-SINGLE View
#12 120H0253 SH380-4AA-SINGLE View
#13 079U8160 SL333TL-1-170_2_25_S1_4F100 View
#14 079U8175 SL333TL-1-320_2_25_S1_4F100 View
#15 004B2490 XB70L-1-180_2_25/16_A_1F65_1F100 View
#16 120H1368 DSH381-4AX-SINGLE View
#17 120H1366 DSH381-4AP-SINGLE View
#18 004B2011 XB70M-1-200_2_25/16_A_1F65_1F100 View
#19 004B2499 XB70L-1-200_2_25/16_A_1F65_1F100 View
#20 080Z4102 AK-EM 800, Enterprise managem. 500 sites View
#21 120H1064 SH485-4AB SINGLE View
#22 120H1062 SH485-4AA SINGLE View
#23 120H1364 DSH485-4AX-SINGLE View
#24 120H1362 DSH485-4AP-SINGLE View
#25 079U8173 SL333TL-1-300_2_25_S1_4F100 View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 16,017
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